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Wood carving company Rijeda


Wood carving company in Gherdeina street 37, S. Cristina - Val Gardena

The RIJEDA is a traditional family enterprice, which was founded in 1970 by Tobia Senoner, the father of the present owner. Nowadays Hubert Senoner and his family carry on the business. The head of the business supervises the complete manufacture from the piece of wood to the finished woodcarving. His wife Ulrica is in charge of the painting workshop and daughter Miriam manages the office and is responsible for the marketing and sales area. All of the woodcarvings are exclusively manufactured and painted by hand in the own workshop in St. Christina in the Gardena Valley! The specialty of the RIJEDA is crib figures in different sizes; but also figures of alpine animals, angels, crucifixes and holy figures (saints), children figures and rustic “Lüster” (lamps) play an important role.

Gherdeina street 37
39047 S. Cristina (BZ) - Italy

Tel +39 0471 79 20 42

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