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Wood carving companies and sculptors from Italy

Hand-carved pieces of art – Religious and modern statues and sculptures of sculptors and wood carving companies from Val Gardena in Italy in the Dolomites

The craft of sculpture and wood carving in Val Gardena – when tradition embraces art

The art of wood carving in Val Gardena in Italy has been a tradition for centuries. At the beginning of the 17th century the artistic wood carving arised as a result of the modestly attempt to secure an additional income by carving wooden tools for the house and the farm.
Pioneers of this handicraft were principally decoration sculptors who decorated picture frames and the boxes for pendulum clocks. But soon the wood carvers turned to more ambitious themes, creating religious works of art that made the craftmanship and skillfulness of the sculptors of Val Gardena far beyond the border of South Tyrol famous. Nowadays, in addition to religious pieces of art, especially secular or purely decorative and abstract art is created.

Religious, secular and modern pieces of art of high quality from Val Gardena

The sculptors from Val Gardena attach great importance to the use of selected materials in order to guarantee the best possible quality and authenticity of their sculptures. The sculptors realize their artwork both in meticulously and precise manual work as well as in machine work.
Here you will find the addresses of the best wood carvers in Val Gardena.
Their works of art range from religious motifs such as figures of saints, crucifixes, statues of Madonna, angels, nativity figures, cribs, Stations of the cross, to secular motifs such as figures of children, animals and portraits. Individual wood sculptures are also available on request.

Certified handicraft – purely hand-carved sculptures

In contrast to machine-made wooden sculptures, the woodcarvings made entirely by hand, are provided with a metal badge from the chamber of commerce of Bolzano. This trademark guarantees completely handmade wood carvings.

UNIKA art exhibition

UNIKA stands for uniqueness, for unique pieces of art of this traditional craftwork. The art fair in Val Gardena takes annually place in summer in Ortisei. Hand-made wooden works of art from various artists and wood sculptors from Val Gardena can be admired at the fair. 

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